Hikibra_0.0.1 (introduction)

Hello, I’ve started developing a new game few months ago using Java and LWJGL. It’s called Hikibra. Hikibra is a 3D third person role-playing game. I have no idea how it will look in the future when I will finish it, because at the moment I just want to make something really simple, that I could improve in the future. Now the only thing you can do in my game is walk around. I don’t even know if I should call it a game. Anyway, I guess the first playable game mode will be a survival mode. You will appear in a small map with monsters spawning all the time and you’ll need to kill them to get points or something. I have already made the map (check out the demo) which is 40×40 and its walkable part is 30×30 in meters. You can download the first demo here (Windows only)!

At the moment the source code is messed up. I’ve been working on new stuff like modern OpenGL and importing models with skeletal animations. I wasn’t thinking about the code¬†architecture when testing, so the next thing I want to do is clean up my code. This is the source code!